Leading vertically integrated and conflict-free provider of high performance tantalum metallurgical and powder products to the electronics, aerospace, automotive, chemical manufacturing and other industries.
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We are the world leading vertically integrated and conflict-free provider of tantalum metallurgical products and tantalum powder for high performance capacitors.

Global Advanced Metals is one of the world's leading suppliers of tantalum products. We are committed to the responsible supply of tantalum in all its forms and operate to high standards of sustainable development. We also trade tantalum on international markets, produce and supply tin, and manufacture niobium metal products.

Our tantalum operations are vertically integrated from the mining and processing of ore into concentrates, through to the manufacturing of powders for capacitors and Additive Manufacturing, tantalum for semiconductors and other metallurgical products

Our high quality tantalum products enable smaller and more powerful electronic devices, greater safety and reliability in automobiles and greater fuel efficiency and longevity of aircraft engines.

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  • 22/01/2019 -Global Advanced Metals (GAM) Declared Conformant to Minerals Due Diligence Standard More >

  • 29/07/2019 -Global Advanced Metals publishes Tantalum Spherical Powder datasheet for additive manufacturing applications More >

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