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Niobium Metallurgical Products

Niobium (formerly known as Columbium) is a shiny white metal that is highly ductile, yet resists corrosion and maintains excellent physical properties at high temperatures. Along with tantalum, niobium is one of the top five heat and wear resistors.

Niobium is used with iron and other elements in alloys together with a variety of nonferrous metals, such as zirconium. Niobium alloys are strong and are often used in pipeline construction. The metal is used in super alloys for heat engines and heat resistant equipment.

High Purity:

  • Our special sputtering or target-grade niobium products offer high purity, in excess of 99.95% (3N5).

Superior Performance:

  • Unique refining and thermomechanical processes assures that these materials contain a fully re-crystallized microstructure, free of severe textural and grain size banding, for superior performance and reliability in critical applications.

We offer selected alloys depending on our customers' needs:

  • Niobium 1% Zirconium (Nb1Zr)
  • Niobium 7.5% Tantalum (Nb7.5Ta)
  • Niobium 47% Titanium (Nb47Ti)

Available forms may include billet, disc, foil, plate, rod, sheet and wire.

All of our niobium products are manufactured at our Boyertown location in the United States.