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Capacitor Powders

GAM produces three types of capacitor-grade tantalum powder: Angular, Nodular and Flake. The Angular or EB type powders are manufactured using an electron beam melting process. These powders contain both angular and flake shaped particles, which have been agglomerated to a specified surface area and capacitance range.

Both the Nodular and Flake type products are produced via a sodium reduction process. These products have high surface area and excellent handling and flow characteristics, which allow capacitor manufacturers to produce small anodes with good weight and capacitance control.

GAM produces commercial powders with capacitance of up to 200K CV/g, and is developing new technology to take powders to 325K CV/g and beyond.

The Flake product is unique to GAM. This powder type is manufactured using our patented process to generate a flake shaped product, which extends the capability range into mid-voltage applications.