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Research and Development

Our dedicated research and development team includes recognized tantalum experts in the United States and Japan. Their ongoing research is particularly focused on developing the "next generations" of higher capacitance products to meet the growing need for miniaturization in the electronics industry, and on products for emerging high voltage applications.

The development of products such as our industry-leading 325,000 CV/g powders are enabling our customers to produce ever-smaller capacitors with higher capacitance.

Current industry process technologies face physical and economic barriers
at about the 250,000 CV/g level. As a result, our research and development focus is on technological breakthroughs to overcome these barriers and enable the manufacture "ultra-high" CV powders.

Our research and development program also includes increasing the voltage capability of tantalum powders, across the entire range of capacitance. These programs apply not only to our proprietary, high voltage "Flake" powders (unique to the industry), but also to more conventional "Ground Electron-Beam" and "Sodium-Reduced" powder types.

In addition to improving electrical properties, we are actively developing new methods for managing the physical properties of our capacitor powders, such as bulk density, particle size distribution and strength. These methods enable us to tailor powders to specific customer needs, allowing them to optimize "in-process" and "in-product" performance.

Our research and development success is enabled by close collaboration with our customers, our deep understanding of their evolving requirements, as well as the requirements of the end users in the electronics industry.

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