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Supplier Code of Conduct/PO Terms and Conditions

Global Advanced Metals Pty Ltd, an Australian parent company, and its controlled affiliates and subsidiaries ("Company," "GAM" or "we" or "us") operate in a global marketplace including the U.S., Japan and the European Union.  As a supplier of goods and services to us ("Supplier", "Suppliers" or "you"), we may be expected to ensure your compliance with the laws of these countries even if they are outside the borders of your country.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct can be downloaded here. This Supplier Code of Conduct is intended to provide you expected standards of conduct when conducting business with or on behalf of the Company as a Supplier.  We also encourage our Suppliers to review our Core Values and Code of Conduct located at /about-us/code-of-conduct.aspx as we expect you to comply with these standards, as well as our other applicable Company policies in addition to this Supplier Code of Conduct, when visiting our facilities.

In summary, this Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the Company's expected standards for its suppliers as addressed in the Sections 2 through 4 below as follows:

  • Responsibilities in the workplace environment
  • Responsibilities in the global marketplace
  • Conflicts with law and contract

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

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