Leading vertically integrated and conflict-free provider of high performance tantalum metallurgical and powder products to the electronics, aerospace, automotive, chemical manufacturing and other industries.

Code of Conduct

Global Advanced Metals Pty Ltd, an Australian parent company, and its affiliates and subsidiaries ("Company," "GAM" or "we") operate in in a global marketplace. Our employees are faced with complex domestic and international laws and ethical questions. While our employees operate in one country, they may be expected to comply with the laws outside the borders of their country. The reality is that failure to appropriately comply with these laws may subject our employees, and potentially the Company, to civil and/or criminal liability as well as reputational harm.

Our Code of Conduct and Business Principles ("Code of Conduct") can be downloaded here. This Code of Conduct is intended to provide guidelines for our Board of Directors, officers and all other employees ("employee" or "you") of expected standards of conduct when conducting business on behalf of the Company. We also expect our employees to make consultants, contractors and representatives of the Company aware of and to be held accountable to these principles when conducting Company business.

In summary, this Code of Conduct sets out the Company's expected standards of business conduct for its employees as addressed in greater detail in the Sections 2 through 9 below as follows:

  • Work performed consistently with our Core Values Statement ("Core Values")
  • Know, understand and comply with all applicable laws that govern work activities which may or may not be addressed in this Code of Conduct
  • Know, understand and comply with this Code of Conduct and other Company policies
  • Avoid conflicts of interest