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Wodgina - Australia

Wodgina is located approximately 100 kilometres south-east of Port Hedland in the  north-west of Western Australia.

Wodgina is one of the world's largest hard rock tantalum resources. Since it was discovered in 1902, the ore body has been mined for tin, tantalum and beryl. Tantalum production began in 1905, with most early production sourced from alluvial and eluvial deposits.

Our current Wodgina operation was established in 1989 and progressively expanded during the 1990s. A major expansion in 2002 increased the mine's capacity to 1.4 million pounds of tantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5) per annum.

The mining operation extracts tantalum bearing pegmatite ores from the Mount Cassiterite and Tinstone open pits. The ores are crushed, milled and fed into the Wodgina plant's advanced gravity separation plant.

At Wodgina we produce a primary tantalum concentrate, which is then sent to our Greenbushes mining operation for secondary processing where we produce on-specification, saleable tantalum products.

In 2011 we established an agreement with our neighbour, Atlas Iron, that allows them to utilise Wodgina's infrastructure, camp accommodation and site utilities to support their iron ore production. This ensures that we are both able to optimise our respective operations and can take an even more sustainable approach to resources production.

Wodgina - Australia

Wodgina has one of the world's largest hard rock tantalum resources. Its tantalum ore bodies have been worked for tin, tantalum and beryl since their discovery in 1902. Tantalum production began in 1905 with most early production from alluvial and eluvial deposits.

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